Waterless Urinal Cartridges

Stock Code: URIN118

£35.70 ex VAT

Individual Waterless Urinal Cartridge for use with SanCeram urinals.

• Water saving

• Designed to dispense beneficial microbes and other active ingredients over a 3 month period

• Easy maintenance

• Reduces the incidence of smells and blockages

• Contents of the cartridge is designed to break down urine and prevent odours

• Delivery 3-5 days

Water Saving
Water Saving
Non Standard Product*
Non Standard Product*

Cartridge should be changed every 3 months
Urinals must be 'dosed' weekly - mix 100ml of bactericidal cleaner with 900ml of warm water. Pour the resulting 1 litre of diluted solution over and around the head of the cartridge
Urinals should be cleaned regularly

3-5 days

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