Sensor Solutions

Sensor solutions for increased hygiene

Sensor products are becoming increasingly popular in all washrooms, they remove the need to touch surfaces where bacteria and germs can populate. We have a range of products that can help reduce the touch points within a washroom, whether it be in a education, commercial or leisure environment.

Our Sensor Taps deliver water without touch, perfect for washrooms where hygiene and water economy are key factors. With pre-mixed water blended using a standalone TMV3 valve, the water temperature is pre-set to 41 degrees, the ideal hand washing temperature to ensure maximum user hygiene and prevent scolding, perfect for public areas and schools. For Healthcare installations you can rest assure that they are HBN compliant, TMV3 and WRAS approved. An added bonus to using Sensor Taps is the automatic shut off, ensuring water is not left running, saving you money and helping the environment.

We have a selection of WC Sensor Flushes, including the new Wave S3 Intelligent Sensor Flush Plate, ideal for high-end commercial and domestic installations demanding a premium finish. Many of these solutions can be used with Dual flush Cisterns enabling a full or reduced flush to save water.

Our Urinal Sensor flushes offer hygienic touch free operation. A sensor sits neatly above the urinal bowl and flushing is activated when the user has moved away. The flush of the urinals can be set to only times the areas are in use - saving water and money.

Touch Free Accessories including our Hand Dryers are ideal help promote maximum user hygiene.

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