Environmental Sanitaryware

Environmental Policy

At The Sanitaryware Company, we recognise the social and economic importance of protecting the environment and are committed to minimising potentially harmful effects of our activities, products or services on it.

Water Efficiency
We are dedicated to preserving our planet by minimising the amount of water used and wasted. As well as looking after the environment, our water saving products will look after your pocket and help towards earning BREEAM credits. Our toilets are available with water saving features such as reduced flush volume cisterns. We offer sensors for our urinals to reduce water consumption and also have a waterless urinal option. In addition we offer self-closing taps which run for approximately 8-10 seconds, plus optional flow regulators. To compliment our range of toilets we also have a complete range of toilet seats and cleverly designed cisterns and flushing control systems.

Durability & Maintenance
It is essential in all washrooms that sanitaryware items are highly durable and easy to maintain, which is exactly what our SanCeram products offer. Our ceramics have been designed and tested to withstand high-traffic environments and many of our basins are fitted with a bottom outlet to allow easy access for cleaning and maintenance. Anti-tamper, anti-vandal and scratch resistant products are also available.

Hygiene & Safety
Having a washroom that is both hygienic and safe is imperative. Within our SanCeram range of toilets we have a number of rimless designs which help to prevent the spread of germs. We also offer wall hung pans to maximise floor space and allow for easy and thorough cleaning to give you peace of mind. For increased safety we offer temperature control taps and thermostatic valves plus safe touch taps that remain cool to touch throughout use.

We understand that sustainability is a key consideration when choosing your sanitaryware supplier and with this in mind we have worked with our partners to minimise the impact of the manufacturing processes on our environment. Our ceramic manufacturers are committed to being eco-friendly and involve recycling of green and fired ceramics breakages to minimise pollution and damage to the surrounding environment. We also have a selection of Water Regulation Advisory Scheme (WRAS) approved products available.

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